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2016 Factoring Conference MP3's

Topics Include the following:

• Sheryl Connelly, Global Consumer Trends and Futuring, Ford Motor Company
(How To Think Like a Futurist);
• Captain Mark Kelly, NASA Astronaut;
(Endeavor to Succeed);
• Toby Groves, Groves Research and Consulting
(The Psychology of Fraud);
• Barry Asmus, Ideas Spoken
(Economic Outlook);
• Mac Fulfur, Amazing Face Reading
(Face Reading);
• Bob Zadek, Esq., Buchalter, Nemer
(Report From The Courts);
• Mike Ullman, Esq., & Jared Ullman, Esq., Ullman & Ullman PA
(Notices of Assignment);
• David Jencks, Esq., Jencks & Jencks, P.C.
(Transportation Factoring);
• Amy Balciunas, Sky Business Credit, LLC
(Factoring 101);
• Reverse Factoring & Supply Chain Financing with Latin America - Panel;
• Credit & Underwriting - Panel;
• Differences Between US and European Factors - Panel;
• Canadian Legal Update - Panel;
• Update on Factoring Around the World - Panel;
• MCA's - Fried or Foe - Panel;
• Working with Chinese Factors - Panel;
• Legal Panel;
• New Technologies to Finance Foreign Receivables - Panel;

MP3's will be shipped on a flash drive. Shipping is included in the price. You can download the speaker handouts at http://eventmobi.com/fc2016/. Click on Agenda and then the session you want and if there are handouts they will be listed under Documents.

  2016 Factoring Conference MP3's

Part No. 2016_MP3

Price: $100.00