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Minimizing Exposure to the IRS Webinar - October 23, 2014

This one hour webinar explains how lenders can minimize their exposure to the IRS. By obtaining information directly from the IRS, lenders can avoid some common issues with associated searching public records, such as discrepancies in the name, where to search, and limitations in the information obtained.

As the Vice President of Resolutions for Tax Guard, Jason is responsible for the tax resolution division of the company with an emphasis on preserving the funding relationships between commercial lenders and borrowers. Jason has spent the past 15 years as an attorney working directly with businesses resolving collection matters with the federal and state taxing authorities. As a regular contributor to industry journals and speaker on issues regarding IRS collection matters for commercial lenders, his expertise is highly sought out by lenders nationwide.

  Minimizing Exposure to the IRS Webinar - October 23, 2014

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Price: $50.00