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Combo Business Plan / Projection and Budget Spreadsheets for Startups

If you are an entrepreneur or an experienced firm ready to take that next step in raising capital, FactorHelp offers a "Factoring Business Plan" template specifically written for the factoring industry. This professional Factoring Business Plan includes sections germane to all Factors as well as a guideline to help you properly position your Company and strategy in the eyes of potential investors. It is designed to ensure that you cover all of the basics of a properly written Business Plan. It also helps you extract those things that make you believe that your firm can be successful in the Factoring Industry and helps you organize the Plan around those particular strategic advantages. The Factoring Business Plan is an indispensable tool in obtaining the proper funding for your company.

If you are a Startup Factor, take the guesswork out of preparing Projections. If you are already in the Factoring Business, cut down the time it takes to prepare your yearly Budgets. These Interactive Spreadsheets allow you to change any and all of the important assumptions, thereby visually displaying how these changes affect the bottom line profitability of your Factoring Company. The Forecasting Spreadsheets include Balance Sheet, Income Statement & Cash Flow Statement for the next 3 Years as well as easy to use Instructions and a section for important Industry Average Salary information. Minor customization is available, free, from FactorHelp.

Items are downloadable on a flash drive. Shipping is included in the price.

  Combo Business Plan / Projection and Budget Spreadsheets for Startups

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