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How I Run My One Person Factoring Business - E-book

How I Run My One-Person Factoring Business is written in the first-person by a well-respected small factor who has been in the business since the mid-90s. Jeff Callender shows simply and clearly how he has run his company year after year with no employees. Discover how his use of current technology, outsourcing, and common sense can enable you to manage a full portfolio of clients without the expense and complications of a big payroll. Learn his numerous tips and secrets as to how you can not only enjoy running a very small factoring operation from practically anywhere, but thrive as you do.

Free Bonus included:
How I Run My Virtual Factoring Office
E-books are in PDF Format.

© 2008, 2012 by Jeff Callender

  How I Run My One Person Factoring Business - E-book

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