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Buy Out Agreements

Created in 2015, the IFA has prepared standard buy out agreements. These forms are free for IFA members. Make sure you login to your IFA member account for the discount.

The purpose of these forms is to facilitate buy-outs when a client is moving from one factor to another. The IFA does not require use of these forms, but rather provides them as an option to use for buy-outs in the event there is not agreement regarding your existing forms. There are two forms included with the download, a short and long form. It is your option as to what best fits your particular scenario. These forms have been developed and endorsed by IFA counsel as well as the IFA Advisory Board.

Disclaimer: The IFA provides these documents as a suitable template but neither warrants nor represents that this agreement is legally effective in all jurisdictions or that it will be suitable for every transaction. Moreover, members may wish to have their own individual counsel review these documents for any modifications or alterations that may be required or advisable in connection with any specific transaction.

  Buy Out Agreements

Part No. Buyouts

Price: $500.00